‘Twas the season of giving, and this year, I decided to surprise my husband with the latest tech marvel – a Ring doorbell. Little did I know, it would gift us an unexpected comedy show.

Picture this: It’s a regular day, and I’m heading out, keys in hand, when my phone buzzes with a Ring alert. “Person detected at your door,” it reads ominously. Heart racing, I dash back inside, ready to unveil the mystery guest. To my shock, it’s none other than… me.

There I am, on the screen, walking away in all my unintentional glory. It turns out, my own Christmas gift had captured me in the act of leaving the house. As I stared at my phone, I couldn’t help but wonder if my Ring doorbell was secretly moonlighting as a time-travel device.

Cue the laughter – because who would think it would take me that long to realize it was me triggering the alert

Naturally, I had to share this hilarious revelation with my husband. He couldn’t stop chuckling at the absurdity of it all. Some marry for love, some for money but I’m 99% sure I’m the adventure he was missing in his life

So, note to self: when you leave or return, just ignore the Ring alerts.