Laughing woman with two cell phonesThis image was AI generated

In the thrilling escapades of living with ADHD, each day brings new surprises, and recently, I unwittingly added a plot twist worthy of a blockbuster comedy to my life. It all began innocently enough when I decided to pick up an item from Facebook Marketplace.

The stage was set: a nondescript driveway, a stranger with a carefully a large item to carry to the truck, and both me and my husband, armed with the enthusiasm of couple on a mission. Little did I know that my ADHD would turn this mundane exchange into a comedic caper that left me unintentionally pilfering the seller’s phone.

As I approached the rendezvous point, I was already envisioning the perfect spot for the new item in my home. The excitement, however, seemed to have taken over my attention span, and my keen observational skills were on temporary hiatus.

The seller’s husband and mine, carried the item to the truck and you would normally think that’s all there was and the trip was over. Oh but no! I’m sure the seller had probably encountered her fair share of quirky buyers but I bet I’m the most memorable. Grateful for the seamless exchange, I noticed my husband had set his phone down so I decided I’d help him out a little bit. He swears he doesn’t have ADHD but…ok I’m not his doctor.

Here’s where ADHD decided to add a dash of chaos to the narrative: instead of pulling out my own phone, I somehow managed to grab the seller’s device. In my defense, phones all look alike when you’re in the throes of an ADHD episode, right?

With a cheery “thanks” and a friendly wave, I strolled back to the truck, completely oblivious to the fact that I was now in possession of a stranger’s smartphone. In the parallel universe that is my ADHD-tinged reality, this seemed like a perfectly logical turn of events.

It wasn’t until we got about 5 miles down the road and suddenly heard both my husband’s phone and an unfamiliar ring tone at the same time. I reluctantly showed my husband the new acquisition as the truth dawned on me. The phone I was shocked to be presenting as a trophy was not, in fact, my husband’s. It belonged to the unsuspecting seller, who was probably reenacting a scene from a heist movie in their head.

Cue the embarrassment and a flurry of apologetic messages as I attempted to explain my unintentional kleptomaniac tendencies. The seller, being the epitome of understanding, was glad to know we were about to make a u-turn to return her phone.

In the grand tapestry of ADHD mishaps, this accidental phone heist is now a shining thread. Lesson learned: in the quest for everyday conquests, it’s essential to double-check the loot and ensure that your ADHD doesn’t turn you into an unwitting phone bandit on Facebook Marketplace. After all, laughter is the best remedy, especially when it comes to the unpredictable adventures of life with ADHD.